Printables on Etsy

Looking for a personalized touch to your decor or event? Before you go purchasing a solid sign that costs $$$ to ship and can only be used once — please read!

For a twenty-something, I should be MUCH better with technology than I am. I definitely avoid having to learn types of files and download tricks and all the techy things…however, once I learned into using downloadable files on Etsy I realized how simple it really is!

Here’s an example of how you would purchase and use a file from my shop to create this 18″ by 24″ Christmas sign. That’s about the size of a big poster, and usually runs upwards of $70 before shipping to get the actual physical item. So here we go!

First you will want to find a print that matches your needs on Etsy. Including “digital print” in your search will show listings that come as a template and then you print yourself. See example below.

Once you find a style you like – read the seller’s notes in the shop for more details. Most digital files will come through a site called Templett or Canva. You can create a free account at either to access the download and edit it (i.e.- change a name or font if you wish).

Some files are not editable and will simply download as a pdf/svg/png image. These cannot be changed – so check for that in the notes.

When you purchase an item from my shop for example – it will send you a PDF with instructions for using the template. You will click on the link to make a Canva account and begin editing! Here’s an example of what my customers receive.

Once you click on the link, you can start editing away! Canva does allow you to resize the image as you wish if the dimensions don’t fit what you were looking for! (within reason, for example making a rectangle style square may throw off the spacing and center).

Now you are ready to download your file! Easily choose the format in Canva (I suggest a PNG) and save to your computer. If you are printing a size doable on a home printer go for it! If the print is larger like my Christmas truck print, you will need to stop at Office Max or Depot. I usually head up to their print counter and look for the small sign that tells what their email address is. Forward your print to that address, and ask to have it created! Sometimes the larger prints have to be picked up later. My 18″ by 24″ was $12.

When you have your hands on your print, you will need a frame that fits your style. I found this rustic wood looking one for $14 at Wal-Mart because they are usually on sale, but they also have plain black frames like this for $6. If you are looking for a more permanent quality, I recommend using the 40% off one item at Hobby Lobby.

Seriously so easy! There are a million options including wedding invites/welcome signs/bridal shower games/thank you notes and more. Hope you enjoy and printables start making life simpler for you!

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