About Me.

My name is Monica, also known as Ms. James to second graders and Mo to my family. I am a 24-year-old teacher from Michigan; long distance fiance to my military man trying to build a love that goes the distance.

I’m so glad you are here! If I have learned anything from my two years teaching (and becoming a semi-adult) it’s how important it is to hear other’s experiences and seek out wisdom. Despite all the negatives of social media on our psyche sometimes—I’ve also really come to love how quickly and easily we can share a lesson learned or say “me too” to a hard situation.

My purpose here:

  • I want to hear and share how others build a loving family and life.
  • To document the absolute craziness of a deployed fiance, wedding planning, teaching tiny humans, and trying to workout/eat real food on top of it all. Maybe you can relate?!

So, I hope you see a little bit of your own life here. I hope you PLEASE reach out with your thoughts and the bits of wisdom you’ve collected along the way. We can all use a little inspiration!